24 January 2020

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Do Your PR on Your Own at Zero Expense!

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You have started your own business and want to let the neighborhood know about it. Then it’s time to add public relation to your marketing strategy. Everything you say and do is a part of your public relation marketing campaign. It is about you and your company becoming a powerful presence in the public eye on a regular basis and it can be a cost effective way to grow your business.

Most of the people tend to confuse public relation with advertising. But this is a wrong notion. Advertising is product centric whereas public relation mainly focuses on building the public image of your business. This is precisely the reason PR campaigns include a mixture of media events and functions.  Public relation, according to the experts is a process of building better and effective relations for the growth of any business. In other words, the aim of public relation is to provide various media services such as powerful advertising campaign, effective marketing strategy, concrete media planning and also expert marketing consultation.

If you are willing to participate in social networking activities,  ready to make personal contacts quite often,  or if you know your unique selling point, prepared for interviews and finally if you are a person who is willing to carry your business card everywhere, you don’t have to hire a public relation agency. Keep in mind a few things and you can do your own Public Relation marketing campaign effectively at zero expense.

Always remember that a great first impression will speak volumes about you and your business. Suppose you are at a networking function and you have only 30 seconds to introduce yourself and make that first impression. What will you do when such situations are the keys to build your PR? I would suggest you spend as much time as necessary preparing and rehearsing your intro until it flows in a positive, strong and confident manner. And also make sure that the quality of your business card is impressive and positive.

The next important thing is pitching your brand in the media. For that you need to define your audience and identify your media. Since you are a small town business man, trying to build a business in your community, focus more on your local TV channels, Radio stations and Newspapers. Then determine the story about you, your products/services which makes people curious about your business. It is important to know your media well as you have to customise your story for the specific media whose attention you wish to gain. Familiarise yourself with all the media you contact and make preliminary phone calls to get the appropriate name for directing your release. Do an update at least every three months.

Once you have networked with the media in and around your business territory, it is time to put together a press release - 2-3-paragraph one-page document that tells your story clearly. It must be unique to grab media attention. Create a media kit which includes a copy of your media release as well as other information.

This is to impress the media to do a full story or have you appear on a TV or radio show. Various media has various requirements. Prepare a visual hook for TV producers and a news hook for the Radio which will be more interested in the verbal aspect of your story. Tell your story most effectively and make it more personal so an audience can put itself in your shoes, identifying with it. Also keep it interesting and make sure that you give some value and benefit to the audience.

Your media kit should have your company logo, brochure, a pricing sheet, any press clippings and any other public relations materials. As grabbing attention is important have a nice packaging for your products. Select eye-catching colors and impressive content for the folders.

It is up to you to make the calls. Before starting your phone calls create a one page synopsis which should include who are you and why are you news worthy, and how is customers going to get benefits from your products/services. Use this synopsis as a guide when calling your contacts.  Start by saying, "Hello, my name is ..." and start your pitch within 10 seconds. Remember your hook and tell them in 30 seconds or less why you are newsworthy. Now comes the most critical part, the follow up. A good rule of thumb on follow up calls is within three to four days for local/regional, or for email contacts within a day or two..

While doing Public Relation don’t forget the new age ways of PR marketing. Start a business blog for yourself, make yourself known in forums, subscribe to RSS Feeds and also do a bit of search engine optimisation expanding your public relation campaigns to the online media as well.




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