24 January 2020

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Advertising: It’s a Mix and Match Era!

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‘Mix and match’ that is what girls (or even women for that matter) with limited wardrobes do, when they have to arrive with a public space. They simply pick one top from here, one bottom from there, a bag from the next street and finally some bangles, ear rings and a chain from the next shop. No doubt always in any gatherings they manage to make a bigger style statement by spending nothing, well, you know all it takes is some sense of fashion.

What if you can also enhance your business using the same mix and match trick! With the right mix of a variety of media now you can create a new fandom for your business!The truth is that seldom can any single media offer everything any business person expects his advertising to do or reach everyone he wants his ads to reach. The best way to reach the largest number of potential customers with the most cost efficient use of your advertising Rupees is by using a good media mix.

By definition, a media mix is simply the use of multiple advertising media to attain a marketing goal. And now the question is which media? And how on earth you know if newspaper, radio or television is going to be your best bet? And how are you supposed to choose between the daily newspapers, eight or ten radio stations, and four or more television stations?

No, it’s not that difficult! Because with out spending much money, by using the right media mix you can now advertise your business easily. When I say media mix, I am talking about a combination of various effective media like newspapers, radio and television and internet.

Instead of putting all your eggs into one basket, run your advertising weekly or monthly between two or more different media. Which simply means you can run the ads the first week in newspaper (for instance), the second week on radio and the third on TV.

By spreading your advertising into multiple media you are making more and more people aware of your brand. In simple words you are creating more fans for your brand. (Experts have been saying that marketing/advertising is all about creating fans, then turn them to your loyal customers. And to create these fans, you reach out for the maximum possible consumers out there.)

If you can’t afford television, you can consider a small flash. Internet is the right medium to turn those tech savvy people to your fans. Make a 10 sec. viral video (add as much as fun element possible into the video) and post it in the You Tube, your can see the difference in your sales soon.
Or, you can even advertise on one of the local TV channels. They're all much less expensive than the 10:00 p.m. or any other prime shows.

All broadcast stations offer commercials in different lengths. Which means if you can't afford full length: 60 second commercials, try 20s You can't say as much, and you certainly can't list all the items you have on sale and the prices. But by using: 10s and 20s you can surely put across the message like “Super duper deals on clothes ", or that "Get the best fashion in town for the lowest rate." You can even use: 10s to refer to your newspaper ad  going to be in the Sunday newspaper. This way you are using broadcast as a support media.

You can't expect to run half a dozen commercials once and see the results the next day. It’s a long lasting process. Run your ads continuously for six months or a year, maybe adopt a new approach or a different media each month. Over a period of time, you'll be surprised to see your business flourishing.

If all these ideas sound a bit expensive, you review the chances of winning more business just by constantly placing your brand where eye balls will fall.  If you're sharp, calculating and objective about it, you can definitely find places where you can cut your expenses or re-allocate a few amount to try some new approaches that might increase your profits. And, by making a stern effort to discover alternative financing for your advertising you will soon realize that the cost isn't really that high after all.

If you're one of those gloomy small scale business man, who laments over lagging business, but still resists trying any new wave advertising ideas because they're too complicated and probably not worth the effort, its time for you to get  smarter and reconsider your options. It’s indeed worth a try. Go ahead, it’s a mix and match era!


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