An Octopus Hold for your Brand


Companies are expanding their horizons today and branding has become an absolute necessity. A right blend of promotional mix is essential for brands.

Globally renowned brands are tapping Indian soil in order to establish their market by pumping colossal funds into their marketing campaigns. Global giants giving stiff competition to Desi brands with their offerings that doesn’t only consists a value product but proportionately has a great marketing gimmick beside it.


The Complex Buyer Behaviour

In a country like India which has mixed cultures, values, traditions, languages and most important a complex buying behavior, it is never a facile task for a company to establish its Brand into furiously growing market. Indian market has it all- potential buyers with disposable income, aspirational buyers who could extend their budgets to grab a better offering product and hostage customers who don’t have many choices to opt from.

The challenge is to communicate the appropriate message which doesn’t only excite them but also has an appeal in order to land accurately on their expectations.

How crucial a communication campaign could be?

Nothing better to discuss than AMUL Ltd, a simple yet a catchy jingle connected every customer in a way that it almost demolished the competitor by whipping their sales. The tv commercial was the perfect fusion of music, lyrics and a worthy video which linked everyone.

Correspondingly, we see many brands struggling to get their perfect amalgamation of message to be conveyed. Nano – the most anticipated idea and brand developed in our country find it hard to cope up with the rational buyers. Stuck in between the decision to choose the right segment for the brand, we see their changing commercials and appeal. Targeting towards Aspirational Buyers, who dreams of having their own car – the company couldn’t get their message right and their audience get stuck with more fancy hopes of having a better offer.

What went wrong? Their messages to appeal families who are bound to travel on bikes hit the floor hard and forced them to rethink and renovate the strategy which was expected to be the game changer. Result? A new creative campaign targeted towards youth explaining them the meaning of Awesomeness.

An ingenious approach

An ingenious approach is required to distinct a brand from other products. Many books been written, read or referred but none of them could give a concrete definition to the conversion of product into a Brand. Few argued that managing public relations are also crucial for brand creation. Later, digital marketing, BTL activations (events) were the topics to join the debate. But unfortunately, no conclusion gets derived from these books. But apparently every one narrowed on the fact that a Brand does require more value oriented solutions than voluminous advertising. In order to create dynamic communication strategies, companies join hands with various expertise agencies such as Creative, PR, Digital etc allocating whooping funds with an objective to build their brand more enduring and profitable for furiously competitive markets.

Global brands enter Indian market with their pocket full of funds to be spent on marketing initiatives. Every brand has two or three or even more partnered agency to implement a crucial task of brand awareness & positioning. But the questions rises that are these agencies working with a similar objective? If yes, then how?

Octopus Marketing

For a robust communication strategy it is decisive to have a proper coordination amongst the agencies which seems difficult as these agencies are often stiff competitors to each other. For example, a car maker co. launched an aggressive advertising campaign for ‘XYZ ’ which had a tremendous impact and people rushed to book the car. Unfortunately due to delay in transporting caused a massive delay in delivery of car resulting in creative negative effect in the consumers mind. Adding to this, their PR agency couldn’t react in the crisis properly.

Now, imagine a scenario where your PR agency is sync with your advertising agency and communicating the similar message. The perfect example - Mahindra XUV500, its buyers are well aware of the fact that the car has a huge demand and thus company is working on a fair booking basis. Their creative and PR strategies are well synced with each other, eliminating any chance of constructing a negative image of the brand in market.

The lack of coordination is one amongst the top reason of a campaign failure despite of smoking fleshy marketing funds. The companies do their best by coordinating with their agencies about the message to be conveyed but it doesn’t have a relevant proportion of success.

The scenario currently is like getting into a garage which only has the facility to check or repair engines, for any other task such as braking related issue you need to visit another garage, whereas, the objective is to keep your car in a good condition. We have been noticing acquisitions & mergers of creative agencies, whereas independent agencies are busy working on their clients. Here comes the role of Octopus Marketing.

Octopus Marketing is a strategy for doing it all under one roof. Deriving its name from a highly intelligent creature that can do multi tasking, and fits well almost everywhere,  octopus Marketing agencies cater their clients with creative designing, public relations, managing events, website designing & digital marketing tools, manages strategic alliances as well as providing consultations. It not only reduces the company’s efforts but will also eliminate the risk of marketing strategy failure. This will also become easy for companies to interact with a single agency who manages it all for them. For agencies, instead of specializing into a particular marketing domain, the idea will bring great exposure to them which will certainly increase their business inflow.


Atul Pratap Singh, Managing Director, V Spark Communications – India’s first Octopus marketing co.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 02 November 2013 19:05 )