15 November 2018

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Marketing Challenges for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs

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While SMEs have demonstrated the true spirit of Indian entrepreneurship in the past, the lack of marketing support has started to hurt the sector as a whole. With global companies now venturing into India to take advantage of the huge Indian domestic market and get their share of growth revenues from the Indian market, Indians are facing the heat since they are unable to match the marketing campaigns of their global peers and rivals. Here is a look at five major marketing challenges being faced by Indian SMEs across the spectrum and how things can be changed for the better in the near future.

How to make best use of virtual assistance for start ups

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Starting out on a new business venture can be both exciting and challenging. A large number of startups fail in their quest to fulfill their potential because of gross mismanagement. Founders or co founders often carry way too much responsibility on their shoulders handling all aspects of the business. As a result they are often unable to focus on their core business activities of product development, sales and marketing strategies thereby compromising the final output.

Since startups cannot afford to hire a large number of people to overlook all aspects of the business, it is the founder or co-founders have no choice but to be efficient multitask jugglers. This can sometimes lead to a situation where the core team players of the startup are spending more time of random tasks while not focusing enough attention on their products and services which are the crux or the lifeline of their business.

How to use Twitter for Business

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Twitter with more than 500 million registered users has come a long way from being a personalized social media platform. Today a large number of business establishments including small companies and self employed professionals use the power of twitter to increase sales and improve their marketing and brand promotional activity. Many twitter users follow various businesses to share ideas and show support for the business. From proactive customer support to knowing about the latest products from a company, users find it quite convenient to follow a business establishment on twitter that is proactive. Twitter is a powerful tool that can increase the brand promotion of any business establishment if used intelligently. Here are some tips and tricks to use twitter effectively to promote one's business.

An Octopus Hold for your Brand

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Companies are expanding their horizons today and branding has become an absolute necessity. A right blend of promotional mix is essential for brands.

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How Fun at Work Lightens the Work- A New Trend

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Most companies have now organized ways and means to make office life more interactive, colorful and fun for the employees.

Brand Building Tips for SMEs

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Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) as well as first time entrepreneurs in the small scale sector are often faced with a dilemma when it comes to marketing and developing a brand building exercise. Unlike the common perception, brand building is not limited to big brands and global organizations.

SEO Strategies to Improve Business

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The advancement of technology and the evolution of web from its early nascent stage have changed the way modern day business establishments conduct their business. The increasing internet penetration levels across the globe including developing nations like India have made sure that majority of consumers use the internet as their primary tool to look for resources and products. The power of internet works mutually as a two way information gateway while allowing users to look for products online on the one hand and also allowing the business owners to get directly associated with the consumer base.

How SMEs Should Tackle Price Wars

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In this era of global competiveness price wars are increasingly becoming the Achilles heels of all business enterprises. While bigger organizations with well established brands are slightly better placed in confronting the price wars, small and medium enterprises with shoe string budgets tend to get greatly affected by the propping up of rival companies’ adamant at selling similar products as reduced prices in order to establish the market.

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