09 December 2019

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How to Create a Website

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The world of internet has provided a level playing field for all business owners including small and medium enterprises to have their dedicated web space. Websites which were once considered a luxury have evolved into the most powerful and essential feature of the internet, allowing businesses to present their products and services to global audiences. Here is a practical summary that must be incorporated while creating a website for your business for best results in online endeavors.

Purchasing Domain Name:
Purchasing a domain name is one of the basic steps in developing any business website. Simply speaking, the domain name is a recognized system that allocates a unique internet protocol (ip) address or a url name for a company’s / brand’s website.  Individuals or business owners need to shortlist their desired domain name and purchase the same from certified internet domain name registrars by paying the relevant fee depending on the number of years the domain name is purchased. While purchasing, do ensure that the domain names will not expire without automated reminders. It is advisable to go in  for an initial purchasing period of five to ten years.

Understanding Relevant Domain Extensions:
Domain name extensions also (technically known as Top Level domains or TLD’s) are the domain extensions on the far right of the domain name. There are a number of domain name extensions available today like .com, .org and .net. Since most business websites are commercial entities, .com remains the most popular domain name extension on the web. However since most .com domains for the desired name may well be taken up, companies are now exploring the opportunities by getting a country centric domain (like .in or .co.in for India).

How to know Domain Availability:
Various ICCAN certified domain name registrars offer the companies to find out which domain names are currently available including various domain extensions. The most easiest way is searching with google’s blogger, where you could check out the available options and purchase your domain with your google login id and password. This will also be cheapest option at $10- $15 (additional tax applicable).

Creation of the Website:
After finalizing and selecting the appropriate domain name for the company, creation of the website is the next logical step.  Websites have evolved from being stand alone static websites to a various branches including information oriented websites, blogs, interactive websites, journal or news based websites to online retail websites.

Companies must have a clear view of the kind of website that can be most beneficial for their business activity before starting on any web designing works.

Consider Professional Help:
For business websites seeking to attain a more serious approach, hiring of specialist web designer is advised. The advantage of hiring a good web designing company or a web designing team is their specialized approach to attain best results. If business owners are looking for more serious online retailing websites, a professional team that have the experience and expertise in designing such retain merchant sites is utmost essential.

Choose a Web Hosting Company:
Find the right web hosting company that can enlist your website on the internet. Web hosting companies have various plans and offers depending on the quantum of space required for the website. The more the number of visitors, the website is likely to require more space and bandwidth.  Web hosting plans include the number of domain emails that can allow company owners and workers to have their dedicated company email address. Since web hosting companies make sure that your website remains online, any downtime discrepancies and backup and support plans must be carefully evaluated in order to avoid any downtime or possible hacking activity.

Uploading Website on the Internet:
All web hosting companies provide dedicated login account that can be used to upload files of your website to their web servers. After successfully finalizing the hosting plans and uploading content on web servers, the website can be seen on the virtual world.

Once your website is ready, the next step is to make it the required tagging of keywords, SEO tips etc with the help of a professional to make it as high as possible in the search engine.. Also, you can apply and try ad income plans through banner exchange programmes, PPC etc, with the help of an internet marketing professional.


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