28 May 2020

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How to Choose a Mentor

In this day and age of global competitive business most small and medium enterprises are looking to bring on board a mentor that can help the enterprise grow swiftly. Mentors help by leading an active advisory role to improve possible expansion plans as well as develop leadership roles within the organization.

How to Find the Right Location for Your Business

One of the most critical aspects of setting up a business is the location of the office. Location is not just about choosing an office building to work in but has much wider consequences. Location of the office can actually make or break a business and due consideration must be given to finalize any office location irrespective of the business domain.

How to Negotiate With a Supplier

Sales and profit margins play an intrinsic role in the development of a successful business organization. Most small and medium enterprise owners operate on a tight shoe string budget and often struggle to get best possible prices for materials and supplies. Negotiating with potential suppliers can work as an advantage for such business establishments and can clearly make a difference in their budgets and sales.

How to Raise Funds for Your Business

All businesses need one thing in common- money or capital. It is a requirement right from inception, well through growth and expansion, capital continues to be the elixir of all enterprises. Money bequeaths more money, yet raising it has always been difficult, and costly too. The viability of a business not only depends on how the money is expended but also on how it is funded; therefore, capital structuring and source of funds play an indispensible role.

How to Start Working from Home

Working from home is considered to be a convenient option for many as it not only balances work-home, but also reduces costs. This trend is already established in the West and India too started exploring its advantages and opportunities. It cuts out the unwanted hassles of long traffic jams, office politics, and also brings a sense of freedom of working with complete focus and dedication.

How to Start Up

Starting out on a new business venture can be challenging proposition but at the same time creatively satisfying. For those who pursue the path with focused vision, it is financially satisfying as well. Having a good saleable idea which is unique and innovative is the seed for all new business ventures.

How to Manage Your HR

Managing human resource successfully brings with it a number of challenges. With changing times, increasing global competiveness and shortage of skilled employee workforce, companies have changed their perception when it comes to handling HR teams and modules. The biggest asset of most companies is their strong workforce. It is because employees can make or break the organization.

How to Get a Business Plan

Successful businesses strive on innovative ideas and many such ideas turns to a venture with a business plan. Having a good innovative idea is just one half of the story. The overall jig saw puzzle gets completed when the idea is polished and refined in detail. Business plans are essential for any new ventures. It also has an intrinsic appeal for existing business entities helping in various diversifications as well as for a development processes.

How to Create a Website

The world of internet has provided a level playing field for all business owners including small and medium enterprises to have their dedicated web space. Websites which were once considered a luxury have evolved into the most powerful and essential feature of the internet, allowing businesses to present their products and services to global audiences. Here is a practical summary that must be incorporated while creating a website for your business for best results in online endeavors.

How to Choose a Name for Your Business

What’s in a name asked Shakespeare. While the cliché may have its importance in the literary world, everything is in a name when it comes to choosing the name for any brands or enterprise. The importance of having the right name holds a very significant role in the building process of the business irrespective of quantum, size or geographic location.

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