23 February 2020

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'Green Entrepreneurship Needs Strong Support From Govt'

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Aparna Bhatnagar,Green Entrepreneur, and  the founder of online retail store Green and Good Store shares her views on the union budget with Small Enterprise India.com. She feels that though the govt has highlighted the need and importance of embracing environmental friendly initiatives both by individuals and industries, there is still a lack of awareness and encouragement in promoting the green initiatives. 

She puts her thrust on aspects of responsible consumerism, and opines that responsible consumerism is about knowing the hidden truths behind every product and then choosing products or ingredients that encourage positive things to happen all across the product’s lifecycle. “It’s about consciously adding sustainability as another factor to your decision making process at par with brand, quality, design or price. At the green and good store, we want to make it possible for people to switch to alternatives that are truly sustainable.

"I think the budget has left much to be desired in the green space. On the one hand the government recognises that environment is of key concern and cannot be ignored anymore yet on the other hand the government has not done enough to encourage people to use more of green products and move to greener inputs".

Farming is a key area where the adverse impacts of environmental crisis are becoming painfully visible. Saturation of soil with chemicals, farmer deaths due to debt burdens and declining or stagnating soil fertility and increasing pest resistance are now well known.

In this situation the government continues to support chemical fertiliser subsidy but organic products are still being taxed at par with non organic products which drastically reduces their competitiveness and incentive to move to greener business and products.

There are many responsible products that contain organic or chemical free ingredients but yet are subjected to high tax rates. These products are already giving back to the society and the environment and reducing long term costs for the society. Such products and business are the need of the hour and should be given tax rebates and much more encouragement via clear financial incentives from the government.


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