10 December 2019

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Mirambika: Spreading the 'Fragrance ' of Success

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His vision is simple and different: creating a healthy environment. He wants to realise his vision through his mission to economically equip the illiterate women. Perhaps he who failed to complete his education battling against the crude poverty knows the miseries of an illiterate life. He is Jiban Jyoti Barik, who has formed the SHG Mirambika. The ten women working in this Cuttack-based SHG produce non-toxic incense sticks and other Puja Samagri. “My objective is not a commercial turnover. It is entirely humane,” said Jiban Jyoti.

 As a part of the worldwide effort to preserve the traditional handicrafts and the traditional process of producing them, Mirambika strictly avoids the use of machines. Explaining the no-machine philosophy, Jiban Jyoti said, “The highly industrialisation is due to the invasion of modernisation. This has lead to the decline of many ancient traditional crafts and cultures. The mass production by machines is not only a bane for the local artisans but also produce mediocre products. I want Mirambika products to be pure, non-toxic and handmade.” Because of no machines the quantity of products manufactured and capital circulating in the business is low. But Jiban Jyoti and the members of Mirambika do not regret about this. The capital circulated in Mirambika is between 50000 and 100000.

Mirambika produces incense sticks, Diya and Candles that have a spiritual effect. They are made as per the guidelines of the International Fragrance Research and Association Geneva and Switzerland. The product which has won much acclaim is the mosquito repellent incense sticks. A little higher cost of the products is because they are non-toxic and made from the different parts of plants only. Single combination is made of 30 ingredients. There are two main types, perfume dipped and dry masala bathis. The fragrance range includes citrus, fruity, floral spicy, woody and other exceptional blends. 

These high skilled and low tech Mirambika products are sold by the village women in and around Cuttack. Besides, they are also exhibited and sold in various exhibitions.

What is unique about these incense sticks is their therapeutic value. Mirambika incense sticks create a spiritual aura and also distress the users. “I got this idea of producing incense sticks with medicinal effects from international fairs in Geneva and Switzerland. I have a strong faith in the Almighty who has scooped me out of all types of adversities. I thought these incense sticks will bring me closer to the Almighty.”

Jiban Jyoti’s unshakable believe in the Almighty can also be noticed in the fact that he has not opted for any financial aid or donation. He explains that he does not need anything but the divine blessing that is the greatest aid. His conviction and belief cannot be outright rejected as Mirambika, without any economical anchor has proved itself time and again.

In the 15th National youth Festival, Mirambika won the ‘BEST Prize Award’. The Chief Minister Of Orissa, Naveen Patnaik, felicitated the group again on 26th January 2010 as the Best SHG of Orissa. Jiban Jyoti expresses his happiness when he said, “I feel happy that our work has been noticed but still many things are yet to be done to give a complete shape to my vision.” Jiban Joti is now looking forward to participating in the international festivals through out the world and learn the art of making of incense sticks that can cure other diseases also.


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