17 January 2020

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How to get your Customers to Pay up

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One of the most common problems faced by businessmen and entrepreneurs across the globe is the lack of smooth cash flow consistency. Credit periods have become norms for a number of businesses especially those involved with the manufacturing sector, other sectors like the services sector is also facing an increase number of cash defaults. The lack of smooth cash flows can dent the overall financial health of a business establishment.

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How outsourcing CFO services can help scale your business?

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Outsourcing CFO services is a growing trend. Definitive statistics on the use of outsourced CFOs are hard to come by especially in a country like India, but there may be a few factors encouraging companies to embrace the strategy.

Real Time Financial Information for Indian and International Investors

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This is an age when real time information is becoming crucial for success of businesses as well as individuals. The scenario becomes even more critical for those investing in stock markets and involved in various forms of trading. But, techies Jaison Mathews, Som Sagar, Mukund Mudras and Abhijit Vedak, who were part of Merill Lynch, founded Heckyl Technologies, with a vision to create products with analytical information which would embed in the trading platforms of stockbrokers all over the world.

Credit Guarantee Fund Trust Scheme (CGFTS) for MSME Sector

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Nothing is more important than the issue of adequate financial cushion for entreprises. Availing credit for first time entrepreneurs is one of the most challenging aspects of business activity in India. Although there are a number of banks, venture capitals and angel investors taking care of initial seed capital for many small and medium enterprises (SME’s), it’s not a smooth ride for a majority of start ups.

Strategies to Avoid Delinquency of Accounts

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In this age of global competitiveness, small business owners are often faced with a dilemma of selling on credit to various buyers. While selling on credit may offer its share of business development opportunities, it can very easily turn into a vicious cycle of default and delinquency.

Role of government in MSME financing

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The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) continue to play a dominant role in driving the Indian economy with its total contribution of 8% towards the GDP. It has registered a growth rate of 10.8% and contributes around 40% towards total industrial production.

Tracing the Impact Investing Trend in India

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With the evolution of investment practices in this era of financial freedom across the globe, a new investment tool - impact investing has been slowly and steadily finding its feet allowing for the best of both the worlds. Simply speaking impact investing is the name for strategic investment opportunities enabling investors to gain by investing capital in businesses that can generate financial returns and also helping a larger social incentive like a social objective or an environmental cause. Impact investing as the name suggests allows for mutual growth of business financially as well as social objectives and responsibilities for a larger cause.

Indian Angel Network invests in Peel-Works

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Indian Angel Network, the first and now Asia's largest Angel network comprising successful Indian entrepreneurs and dynamic CEOs with a passion for early stage businesses, has announced an Angel Investment of Rs. 3.25 crore in Peel-Works, a cloud enabled Sales Force Transformation and BPO Company based out of Mumbai.

Set up by a team of management graduates with extensive experience in the FMCG sector in the Human Resources and Sales Management, Peel-Works  offers customized as well as productized solutions for very large to medium size companies inFMCG, telecom and insurance sector that conduct their business using indirect sales force.

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