22 July 2017

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Firmly Financial Guru

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Prashant UnniPrashanth Unni exudes confidence and an air of quiet efficiency. Mr Unni had a warm and endearing smile that brought a twinkle to his eye and after making the Small Enterprise India team comfortable, he launched into sharing with us his success story.

Prashanth Unni is basically from Aroor, an idyllic town in Ernakulam district of Kerala but has opted to settle in Chennai. On completion of his graduate studies in commerce, he went on to major in financial management from the University of Pondicherry. On completion of that, he went on to work for Srei Infrastructure for a period of five years, from 1993-1998.

Raising the Funds for Start Ups

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By Vandana Goel

Raising the funds is an essential aspect to start a business. Any great idea and well written business plan would not work without start up capital. For most entrepreneurs, funding is the key when starting a small business. In reality; it is not easy to get funding. You must need to prove yourself first before anyone can be able to lend you that kind of money.

Bud-Get Set Go: The New Tax Impact

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It is a fact that most of us are confused how the tax calculation is done and the impact of the tax revisions. Here we give in simple tables the calculation of taxable amount as per the tax slabs and a comparison of the revised tax rates.

Year-end Financial Tips for Small Businesses

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Year-end Tips for Small Business- By Vandana Goel

1. Update Your Accounting: It's important as part of your year-end tax strategy to have a good understanding of your company's financial situation. Spend extra time ensuring your books are up-to-date and accurate. It won't hurt to plan time with your accountant for year-end advice, particular to your operations.

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Indian Bank Comes with SME Friendly Schemes

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The Indian Bank is one of the pioneers in financing the SME sector. Ms. A. Revathi, industrial development officer of Indian Bank shares the details about the bank’s policy of lending to small and medium enterprises and the bank’s various schemes,  with Small Enterprise India.com. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Easy Ways to Woo VCs for Funding Your Biz

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Business always requires fund, and the funding types may vary according to the needs and conditions. From the funding angle, a business can be divided into four stages –Seed Stage or Concept Stage, Venture Capital Stage, Private Equity Stage and the finally, Initial Public Offering (IPO) stage.

It's for Her Business: Loans for Women Entrepreneurs

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Indian nationalised banks have been unveiling a slew of attractive lending schemes for women entrepreneurs in a bid to promote entrepreneurship among the women folks. But are our women entrepreneurs utilising the opportunities that are open for them? Surveys at banks reveal that schemes for women are having a slow uptake.

'Ensure that you Insure'

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As all insurance markets today stay competitive with mushrooming insurers as well as new product inventions, the SME’s have benefited in a large measure in terms of awareness. There is a wide range of insurance options available to the business owners, mainly due to the aggressive selling by insurance companies and banks.

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