03 April 2020

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SME insurance

Here’s why Term Insurance is not a Life Insurance

For long traditional endowment and money back plans captured the fancy of Indian investors looking for a safe place to invest.

'Ensure that you Insure'

As all insurance markets today stay competitive with mushrooming insurers as well as new product inventions, the SME’s have benefited in a large measure in terms of awareness. There is a wide range of insurance options available to the business owners, mainly due to the aggressive selling by insurance companies and banks.

SME Insurance

All businesses and individuals are exposed to risks such as natural and man-made risks, liabilities, disasters and calamities. In this context, insurance is a wise investment to limit your liabilities in the event of an unpleasant occurrence to your assets, properties, business or to your clients who have invested their belongings with you and to whom you are liable for. Without insurance a business will not survive financially and insurance is the heart of any business today.


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