10 December 2019

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4 Hiring Tips to Build an AweSME Team

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There is no place for commonplace in today’s world. It’s a clear choice between flourish or flounder. This brutal law of the business jungle necessitates the inclusion of battle-ready employees in every organization’s arsenal, regardless of its size. Employees who have the skills to not just survive but grow, the mindset to not stagnate but surge ahead, the drive to not just earn but achieve are what make your business aweSME.

Here’s a handy guide to help you select such a set of performers, who are uncommon not only in their bent of mind but also in their course of action.

aweSME trait #1: Adapt or Perish

At an SME, every morning dawns with a new set of opportunities and challenges. Your employees are required to don many hats. A member of your software engineering team, for example, could also double as a mentor for new hires besides being groomed to take on a managerial position down the line. Similarly, HR managers could double as career counsellors.

While some thrive under this fluidity and grab the opportunity to learn as much as they can; others feel uncomfortable stepping out of their pre-defined job descriptions. aweSME businesses choose the former. Make it your quest to find talent that embraces change and is willing to walk that extra mile towards aweSMEness.

aweSME trait #2: Live to Learn

An earnest desire to learn is a distinctive trait of aweSME employees. While recruiting, shortlist prospects who are ready to get trained in various skills, both formally and on-the-job. The good news is that it is not only inexperienced freshers who have a burning desire to learn - although they do fit in SMEs with smaller recruiting budgets. Even the most experienced veterans could be open to tapping latent talents and gaining new skills. Look for a student's attitude.

Helpful tip: Study the CVs of your prospective employees to examine the variety of projects or skills they have undertaken. These are documented reflections of their eagerness to learn.

aweSME trait #3: Passionate Pursuit

Perhaps more than any other organization, it is an SME that needs a self-driven team. Skills may be developed but passion is inherent. Your employees should be excited to work towards your business' mission, even if it sometimes requires them to go above and beyond the call of duty. At the end of the day, it is not the most talented but the most passionate employees that make aweSME businesses.

aweSME trait #4: Innovate or Die

Legendary businesses are born from the tiny seeds of great ideas. To take the next big leap, SMEs need creative thinkers and inventors. Test prospects through a short creative exercise in your next interview. Hire employees who can look beyond confining norms and are not afraid to pursue their dreams. Create a work culture that encourages ideation and brainstorming and demands innovative solutions to everyday problems. This will attract talent that will help you build an epic organization.

Finally, it would serve you well to remember that the hiring requirements of SMEs vary widely from those of larger organizations. A progressive SME does not hire employees just to finish tasks or fill coffers. Instead, it recognizes them as the backbone of the business on its journey towards becoming aweSME.

We hope that these tips will help you attract the right talent for your business. Collaborate with DBS Bank for more help and guidance to turn your small business AweSME. Find out how.

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