08 December 2019

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Prashant UnniPrashanth Unni exudes confidence and an air of quiet efficiency. Mr Unni had a warm and endearing smile that brought a twinkle to his eye and after making the Small Enterprise India team comfortable, he launched into sharing with us his success story.

Prashanth Unni is basically from Aroor, an idyllic town in Ernakulam district of Kerala but has opted to settle in Chennai. On completion of his graduate studies in commerce, he went on to major in financial management from the University of Pondicherry. On completion of that, he went on to work for Srei Infrastructure for a period of five years, from 1993-1998.

Meanwhile, Prashanth realized that his passion was for financial planning and consulting and decided to quit his job to venture out on his own. By 2004, he decided to take up franchise with Net worth Stock Broking Limited, a Mumbai based company. He went on to set up his own financial consultancy and ventured into the arena of insurance, mutual funds, basically offering a complete package of financial advisory services.

Now, after six years, Prashanth Unni is the Director of Vijay Management Services, Chennai, a financial consultancy with over two decades of experience in the field. He has obtained certification fro reputed professional bodies like the NSE, AMFI and the IRDA.

Prashanth Unni has four competent people to assist him in his work. It is indeed to his credit that he has a vast and ever growing clientele of over 400-500 clients in Chennai alone. When queried as to whether he would be interested in branching out to other states and cities, he replied in the negative. “If we branch out, we won’t be able to offer personalized service. Being in the service industry, servicing is very important “– explains Prashanth.

His areas of expertise spans both corporate as well as retail financial services and covers project financing, term loans, working capital, housing loans, equity broking, life insurance, general insurance and lots more. “My focus is on stock broking, de mat services, portfolio management. Now I am branching out into project advisory ship, where we arrange for bank funds, institutional funds, venture capital and private equity funds,” explains Prashanth Unni.

“To elaborate further on my firm’s core competence, I have plans of diversifying into real estate services by helping both corporate as well as retail and NRI’s in property acquisition, development and management of portfolios.

Prashanth Unni’s success mantra is very simple- its fairness of dealing and professional approach, which have stood him in good stead greatly in succeeding at each step on his way to success.


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