28 May 2020

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How do you overcome the challenges in the growth of your business

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Growth Challenges

Swift year-over-year growth is every entrepreneur’s dream. Ideas into plans, plans into products and products into the market; you dream big every single day. But, let’s be realistic here.

Most of the time, the growth of business comes with strategic challenges. Some entrepreneurs struggle with meeting the obstacles in the growth of their businesses. You may have to cut some slack, because some of these challenges are so daunting that they can push a company off the rails.

Here’s why Term Insurance is not a Life Insurance

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For long traditional endowment and money back plans captured the fancy of Indian investors looking for a safe place to invest.

Things to be kept in mind while SMEs approach a bank for financing needs

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The Indian SME sector is witnessing a silent resurgence of sorts. Both existing and new SME startups are consolidating their base to take advantage of ‘Make in India’ policy of the government. If you are also looking to set up a new SME unit or are planning to expand business operations of your existing unit you may still have to bypass the still challenge of availing a SME loan.

LoanStreet: Your Online Loan Facilitator

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To make the process of loan facilitation easier and available freely to all loan aspirants, a new company Loanstreet is offering an online marketplace. Loanstreet caters to customers seeking loans anywhere in India by providing them a recommendation on possible lenders, choice to apply online and upload all their Documents as well.

Last Updated ( Monday, 19 October 2015 00:24 )

Capital Float: Offering Financial Wings to Small Businesses

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Raising capital for business expansion and running day to day operations is the biggest challenge for Indian SMEs. In its quest to offer Indian SMEs an easy source of funding, a digital financing company named Capital Float is offering collateral free loans as easy as online shopping. Founded by Sashank Rishyasringa and Gaurav Hinduja, Capital Float is the country’s first technology platform for lending SMEs. Capital Float offers flexible short tenure loans for SMEs in India and has been the preferred lending partner for companies like Flipkart and Zovi in the past.

How GST is going to Help SMEs

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As part of its financial reforms, the NDA government including the finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley have put their weight behind the long awaited Goods and Services Tax (Bill).

Financial experts, industry bigwigs and SMEs have all been unanimous in their support for a GST regime replacing the existing taxation system. Considering the growing scale and organization of business operations, a taxation reform like the GST will facilitate better trade and business. Here is a look at how GST will impact the small and medium enterprises of the country if and when the bill is finally implemented.

Oasis500 with Great Plans for India

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A prominent early stage seed investor, Oasis500 is a pioneer in Jordan and MENA. Their program includes entrepreneurship training, business incubation, mentorship guidance, and funding. Their angel investor and mentor networks help new business ideas, especially in the field of Information Technology (IT) and Mobile and Digital Media bloom and grow.

4 Hiring Tips to Build an AweSME Team

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There is no place for commonplace in today’s world. It’s a clear choice between flourish or flounder. This brutal law of the business jungle necessitates the inclusion of battle-ready employees in every organization’s arsenal, regardless of its size. Employees who have the skills to not just survive but grow, the mindset to not stagnate but surge ahead, the drive to not just earn but achieve are what make your business aweSME.

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