26 May 2019

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5 Tips to Improve Social Media Strategy using CRM System for Small Businesses

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Your customers are the inseparable part of your business, it is always best to stay connected with them and never take their engagement with your brand for granted. Most companies claim to have a good relationship with their customers’ and have a great experience with them. But the truth is when it comes to social media, right customer relationship management (CRM) isn’t in its best shape for many companies.

The fact is, if you leave them completely out of social media in your CRM strategy, you may have to pay heavily for this. An outstanding brand experience is what makes consumers refer to others and they also return. But if they experience anything negative in that journey it will definitely impact adversely your bottom line.

Using social media CRM tools you can track, monitor and engage with your customers across social networking sites and offer a better experience.

Here are the five explosive ways your brand can improve your social media outreach using CRM tools:

1. Categorize your Company’s Information

Breaking down your organization’s silos is the first step that can help you improve your engagement with your customers on social media. Do not let the marketing team hold all the cards to your strategy, you must also bring the sales, customers support and social media teams in the picture.

It is quite possible that when all the strategies and information are within the reach of marketing team it may provide poor customer journeys when someone from social platform ask something that marketing team is not aware of. So, just to improve engagement with your customer’s brands have to work on breaking silos and improving task management by bringing other teams also on board.

Using social media is the best bet to create better experiences for your customers. It helps to work on one platform. Don’t let questions go unanswered due to the restricted profiles of your social media and community manager as it is taken care of by marketing team. All your teams must work together to increase your CRM strategy through a well-rounded assignment of task allocation and its management.

2. Keep an Eye on the Customer Journey

Make sure you track your customer’s entire journey. You need to invest in your CRM strategy for a better long-term relationship with your customers. Starting from conversations, likes, comments, sharing and other engagement metrics, you must track everything to build a long-term relationship.

It’s not all about customer acquisition via your social media channels. Instead, you need to learn how to nurture and improve current relationships, consistently provide value and rule the mind for customers.

Your customers grow with your brand. It is necessary not only to keep them your customers but you also need to find ways to turn one-time customers into fans and further into advocates.

The best way is to have a detailed social conversation history. This will help you consistently interact with your customer’s experience. This is the reason why multiple customer service teams work on customer profiles.

This helps you understand the previous interactions and what were the issues before. This helps your social team offer valuable context around your brand’s bonding with customers and prospects.

Just try to understand through the customer journey, when they really need you. Staying with your customers at each step of the journey is crucial to your social CRM strategy and your brand’s bottom line success.

3. Respond Immediately to Customer Complaints

In today’s digitized world of social media, your response time matters as it allows brands to engage with consumers in real time. If you do not want to lose customers, you need to respond to negative sentiments at a much rapid rate as well.

Unfortunately, it is not only praises and positive remarks that social media will bring to your brand. You cannot ignore the negative comments and engagement from others as well.

It is now a social trend to complain to brands on social media. As a matter of fact, it has been discovered that 46% of consumers have relied upon social media for their resentment about a brand. Why such a huge surge in washing the dirty linen on social media?

In fact, as per a study, almost 5 consumers believe that presence of social media has made brands more responsible for its business actions. Surprisingly, 55% of consumers are of the view that a call out will bring instant resolution or response.

To counter such preference of consumers, it is necessary for you to increase your response time to consumer complaints to improve your CRM strategy. Nowadays consumers are in no mood to wait for a long time for a response to the message as they think their message is likely to be entertained by someone.

A powerful social CRM tool can do this work of responding to your consumers quickly. It may also keep a track of the conversation history, contact details, and other critical data every time you reply or engage with your consumers.

4. Discover Potential Customers using Hashtags and Keywords

Assessment of Keyword and Hashtag are one of the best ways for businesses to uncover the conversations, references, and users. Such analysis often helps businesses to identify opportunities they would have never found otherwise through native social networks. Using these tools, brands can categorize content and make it easier for others to find you.

Here are tips to use Hashtags and Keywords to find potential customers:

  • Create List of Branded Keywords: This is of the essence when it comes to tracking your own company name. If you stay on top of these branded keywords you can discover a range of potential customers directly sharing your content that isn’t been picked up through any other medium.
  • Track Industry Keywords: You must identify and track the industry terms your audience search for and use on social media? This can help you find out terms where your potential customers are expected to engage.
  • Search Misspellings of your Brand Name: Keep an eye on the common misspellings of your brand name to track users who are trying to reach you. You can track these words monitoring the unique social media handle of your brand.
  • Competitor Keywords: You also need to track down those keywords that are driving better engagement with your competitors to redefine and improve your marketing strategy.

5. Maintain Your Brand Message across Every Channel

Keeping a consistent brand message and experience across all your social channels is crucial for the growth of the brand. For this, you must maintain your brand message, voice, and social engagements.

Maintenance of consistent brand voice retains your brand identity. Suddenly changing the brand message and voice on Facebook or other social platforms would give a poor experience to the users and they will leave your buying funnel. Using social media style guide and other relevant CRM tools you can make sure that things are going fine and all are on the same page.


You can easily track and engage your users using the power of social CRM platform and offer them a better experience. Try out above listed tips to strategize your social media campaigns using your CRM system and watch the results.


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