23 March 2019

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Know the Top 5 Marketing Planning Tips to Lookout for in 2018

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Everything you knew about the marketplace and how it was marketed has undergone a sea change in the last decade. Several small firms haven't even begun adapting to the new scenario or how buyers’ research and find the service providers of their choice. Moreover, those enterprises who have included content marketing and marketing technology still see it a fight to carry a consistent, well-coordinated promotion program.

As you deliberate on your marketing priorities for 2018, it’s imperative to take a closer look at what’s happening in the market, and then invest in the events that will position your business for future growth.

What you can expect next year

Of course, no one claims to have a crystal ball to predict the future of the economy in 2018. However, based on what’s happening around here are a few observations on where marketing is moving to.

  • Buyers will depend more on online tools to look for professional service providers. Tools Like Google and LinkedIn will gain prominence as they will be simpler, powerful enough to generate several options faster than those using traditional techniques like referrals etc.
  • Firms that capitalise on the millennials penchant for online tools to get information and talk about will gain the advantage of reaching the consumers first.
  • Recruitment will become tougher and employment levels will be at its lowest as compared to the last 15 years. Recent studies indicate hiring, and talent retention will be one of the top challenges businesses face. This trend doesn’t seem to be dwindling down. If firms want to hire the best, they will need to use dedicated marketing resources to attract talent and retain them.

Now that you know what to expect next year, look at the topmost marketing planning tips for firms:

Knowledge is the king – Get it

You’ve heard about it and learnt it too that knowledge is the king. The one who knows has the power to use it to his or her advantage, in this case, the business advantage. You may feel you know your consumers, but you don’t know them enough until you try to find out what you don't.

Enterprises that conduct research regularly on their potential audience are more likely to have better growth and profitability rates as compared to those firms that don’t research their target audience.

The connection between knowledge and progress is vital. Making decisions is more comfortable if businesses are guided by factual evidence instead of assumptions and hunches. Based on numbers identifying the changes in time and precisely as possible.

How to get info: You can select a representative sample of consumers and prospects to study their chief trials, their assessment of your firm, who they believe are your opponents, and other issues relevant to your business. Secret tip: Use a skilled, unbiased third party to interview your representative sample to get the best and most honest opinions.

Better Your Content Promotion Strategy:

Your expertise can get new business; however, unless people know about it they would not be looking for you. The idea is to make your proficiency noticeable primarily to your target audience. And to be noticed you must share your knowledge without restrictions.

Content marketing helps to promote your knowledge to a broader audience — through blogs whether on your site or other sites, conducting webinars, writing articles and books, speaking at events, investing in SEO and more. It is one of the best ways to create your repute, online and offline. And if you aren’t doing it in a constant, methodical approach, you aren’t contending in the current market.

What to do: Identify if your current efforts are creating the opportunities you are looking for. If you don't, then find out what you must do to better your content promotion plan. Decide if you are comfortable seeking help outside. You don’t need to do it yourself. Several businesses get help to write and promote their content. If you haven’t begun yet, then start devising a strategy to get into the game.

Make Your Brand Attractive to Employees

Let’s face it Marketing to employees is tougher than it is to market for consumers. Discovering the right talent is a real challenge. And making it worse are head-hunters, who always dangle tempting job offers.

Nearly 35.8 percent of firms in a recent survey mentioned making their businesses attractive to potential employees was a top priority for their marketing team. Though branding has always been a client-facing activity, it is now being used by companies to market their workspace and create faithfulness.

Candidates are often looking for a great company culture, better recompense and welfares, a good business reputation. Having a strong reputation can influence two of these requirements.

What to do: Look at your workspace to check if you’ve created a space that invigorates people and offers chances for them to grow? Check if your website has a section that promotes your office culture, the environment, the value proposition. Finally, think of your brand – Is it a leader, an innovator or upcoming. Will your workspace entice potential employees and clients? You must not only answer these question but also be willing to make the changes required. Start small; even a few new variations can make a significant transformation.

Spend money wisely on activities that work

Thanks to Big Data and analytics there is enough data to indicate what works in marketing. But are you using it? Firms today still depend on old faithful methods to bring in leads – referrals and face-2-face networking, which have their inherent limitations. You can only meet and nurture relations with a limited number of influencers and clients who know the firm and can refer it to others. One way to overcome the limitations of traditional marketing methods is to adopt online marketing.

What to do: Make a list of marketing activities and then compare them to what your current plan incorporates. Use the comparison sheet when you rework your marketing plan for 2018. Evidently, many of the first methods are content marketing strategies, so make sure you revise your content marketing plan, too.

Measure, fine-tune, repeat

The success of your marketing plan lies in getting more from your data. Several market analytic tools can help you understand the different aspects of your marketing plan and its performance. As new technologies like machine learning and AI tech mature, they will become very o get incredibly powerful.

A few firms have begun taking marketing metrics and analysis into consideration, which is offering them unique understanding into the marketplace and identifying the tools and methods that entice their audiences to act. Knowing what must be improved to get better marketing effectiveness over time helps.

What to do: Begin thinking about your marketing logically based on metrics and number. Be curious – you may want to understand the tactic that works and the one that doesn’t. Test diverse methods, and don’t shy away from forsaking the bad performers.

Be sensible when testing. If you try too many methods or elements at once, you run the danger of altering something that’s working as it’s not clear what the irregularity could be. Finally, test an assortment of diagnostic tools to find the one that offers you the best perception of your marketing strategies.


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