14 November 2018

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Six Reasons Your Business is not Picking up at Social Media

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In today’s e-commerce landscape, online marketing is the core of any business. Having a strong social media campaign is one of the necessary factors that decide the growth of your business. Today social media has become an indispensable component to spreading your brand message loud and clear.

Having an enticing social media account which is being run by an expert is not enough and may not yield the desired results. For great results, you need to have something exceptional in terms of content marketing and social media strategy in addition to the overall regular functioning of your account.

Your social media platforms are the face of your business. These are your business’s access points depicting your business personal and are also used as the frontline of your business to make that effective first impression. So, make it a point to do it the right way!

Here are 6 caused that could be the reason your business is not shooting up at Social Media.

1. You Are Not Understanding Social Media the Right Way: Often people take social media more as a difficult algorithm. Businesses often make it complicated considering it as a puzzle to understand whereas it is very simple. Of course, at times it could be confusing but not tough. In real sense, social media is just a means of interaction – as simple as that. It’s a mode of communication with the entire world and most of the population is available here to engage with. To create the most effective social media campaign you should start thinking who you want to engage with, how and why. For instance, if you are into travel bags business, you cannot post about traveling experience, staying in nice hotels and eating in quality restaurants, this cannot put any impact to your potential customers.

The Solution: First find out your target audience and think why you want to reach them. Now create five different customer personas and while writing a marketing content for it, just ensure it must revolve around these five and must appeal minimum one. This will keep your brand relevant and your customers engaged. It will also earn more followers and connections for a more impactful online community.

2. You Are Considering Social Media a Sales Channel: Most time businesses and individuals use social media a sales channel. Suppose you came to know about a friend of your friend in a small social gathering, with whom you had several common interests. It may give you an idea that he or she could be a potential client for your product/service. Would you invite him to a dinner and talk about your product once the dinner is over? That will not work. Social media is almost similar. It’s a place to create your personalized online community, do not make the mistake of considering it a marketplace. Just grow your contacts and communicate with others but not for sales.

The Solution: Use the platform to sell your products only on 10% occasion, even much less occasions. To sell your products you will try your hand on number of other effective sales and branding tools on the market. Limit the use of social media platform primarily only for communication and customer engagement, not for sale.

3. You haven’t Understood Different Channels: Can you ask a French person in English to help you guide the way to market! Would he understand? Can a Chinese delegate understand your business presentation in English? The same rule applies to different channels of social media. Each social media programs have their own specialty, personality. It’s on you to make your content the best fit for each parameter. Using the social channels the right way is necessary to understand to get optimum results. Twitter is known for short snippets of information that works the best when brief, precise and well-written. Pinterest is best for gathering collections of visuals. Instagram is also a visual platform; it’s for your benefit to make your visuals distinct from others. So, it is very important to know the fine nuances of various social media channels and their different utilities and differing ‘languages’.

The Solution: It is of the essence to understand the specific details of each channel in order to use it effectively to communicate with each one of it. Take time to study the specific and engaging accounts of great brands and personalities you consider as influencers. Understand how they use different platforms and how they redefine and edit their content in line with the specification of each channel. This will help you know how to utilize each channel effectively.

4. Your Social Media Operator Doesn’t know Your Business Well: You must pick your social media manager carefully. You should ensure that he knows your business well and has already worked in that business domain. If you select the one who is not interested in your business and do not have experience working in the similar business, possibilities are that your brand message may not have that impact and passion required to give a push to your business.

The Solution: Make your social media operator understand the core audience preferences and key facets of your business. Give him a general brief of your business and make him understand how you want him to interact with your audiences on behalf of your business. Generate a list of attributes that you want to include in your brand message and let your social media manager understand it to take the things right from day one.

5. More Concern about Quality: In social media, there are specific posting times and set number of posts that you must hit every day. But this is equally true that instead of following the rule of the number of posts each day you must focus on the quality of content that you post every day on to Facebook, Tweeter and Instagram. Quality must always be valued more than quantity.

The Solution: Just ensure that the quantity of your content that you post each day on social media must not supersede the quality. The quality of content in terms of information, presentation, and simplicity drives much more value than the number of posts. 


Above listed are some of the popular causes that can derail your social media campaign if you are a small business and striving hard to make a mark in the global arena using social media platform. So, try to avoid such mistake and take this channel as an effective platform that can yield long-term dividends if churned effectively.



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