10 December 2018

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Jugnoo : On-demand App

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Jugnoo is an on-demand hyperlocal startup that provides affordable services pertaining to all the daily needs of its customers via single platform. The company started its journey as auto rickshaw aggregator and soon expanded its business operations in various verticals, disrupting them using technology.

Currently it has three major verticals - On-demand Transport app, Logistic delivery and Logistic Technology. It now offers hyperlocal logistics in B2B & B2C domains with its services like Meals, Menus, Fatafat and Jugnoo Delivery. Jugnoo’s  approach is to utilize available inventory across multiple verticals, which sets it apart from other players in the industry.


Jugnoo’s strategy has been to focus on building a sustainable business model rather than burning money to acquire customers. This has enabled the team to focus on delivering the best services to its customers by not just offering value-to-money rides, but also by earning customer loyalty. So far, all the new verticals launched by Jugnoo in hyper-local space have been unit economics profitable from day one. Also, Jugnoo recently achieved another milestone and turned cash flow positive on EBITDA basis.

Jugnoo offers autorickshaw passenger rides through its on-demand transport platform. At present, this vertical of Jugnoo has the maximum reach in India, operating in 30+ cities with monthly transactions of 750K. The logistics as a service platform includes Jugnoo Delivery, Meals, Menus and Fatafat.  Jugnoo Delivery is operational in 19 cities and Menus in 22 cities. As for Meals and Fatafat, it was started as experiment and is currently operational only in Chandigarh. All these verticals are first run in Chandigarh, where the company’s headquarters are based, seeking perfection in their operations. After that, the same model is replicated to other cities.

Betting big on the current market trends; Jugnoo Delivery - its B2B logistics venture was started as an omni channel, and on-demand hyper-local logistics service that enables vendors to deliver products to their customers as and when they want, while ensuring a seamless delivery experience. Some of the biggest clients under this vertical are KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Subway and 1MG.

Jugnoo’s  mission is to become a prominent brand in the on-demand hyper-local segment in tier II and tier III cities in the near future and uplift millions of people socially and economically by providing them better income and life quality. Unlike other players in the market, Jugnoo is not targeting metro cities. Jugnoo’s focus is mainly on tier II and tier III cities, as 80% of the total population of India resides there. The resources are readily available in these regions with high potential, which helps the company to utilize resource optimally.

Moving ahead with  the futuristic and simpler mode of payment, Jugnoo also started the integration of Unified Payment Interface (UPI) by the name of ‘Jugnoo Pay’. It was initiated to encourage cashless economy- a step taken by Government of India in 2016. It allows merchants to request and consumers to approve payments directly using their respective bank accounts with their Mobile number as an identifier.

Providing a tech backbone to Jugnoo and other businesses like Jugnoo, the company came out with its B2B offering as well by the name of Tookan in 2015. It  is a smart and easy way to manage and track, field workforces that enable on-demand deliveries, at-home services and on-field business development. Tookan provides interfaces for all the stakeholders - managers, field workforce and customers - for seamless end-to-end experience.  It enables to get a glance of business operations from a single dashboard to increase efficiency. Tookan allows the user to automatically fetch orders using APIs. It helps in streamlining the operations by putting repetitive tasks on autopilot. It helps in scheduling, dispatching, and managing orders efficiently. It leads to gaining in-depth understanding of the business operations with analytics.Tookan is sweeping up with 500k monthly transactions in 100+ countries all around the globe.

Jugnoo keeps experimenting with its tech portfolio with SaaS based products which makes the working easy and fluid for the clients. Some of the other SaaS offering from the house of Jugnoo are:

Juggernaut: It is a platform to power tailor-made on-demand businesses for entrepreneurs and enterprises  to meet their specific market needs.This ensures smooth running of business operations and monitor customer transactions for efficiency. It uses our base IP as a building block and can develop any type of custom solution on top of it to meet client's business requirements.

Fugu: It is a proactive chat software that helps in handling customer requests and thus supports businesses of all types and sizes. Fugu helps in real time query handling, channelising queries to concerned department, analysing the customer behaviours and increasing retention and engagements. Fugu chat forms a helpdesk software that ensures immediate responses leading to more customer satisfaction. It helps brands connect with customers instantly. It connects to all platforms as it is compatible with mobile as well as web.

Bumbl: This SaaS offering of Jugnoo connects the various apps to build workflow. It is an easy automation tool for busy people. Bumbl moves info between the web apps automatically, so users can focus on their most important work. This product is build as an cost effective alternative to other software where anyone can build workflow with few clicks.

Kato: The most recent offering from Jugnoo is Kato- an Analytics and Artificial Intelligence platform for business success. Some of the features include dynamic pricing, route

optimization, spatial analytics or predictive analytics. Kato is poised to be a game-changer in the Custom analytics and AI space. We are still in inception stage of this product and is working hard for its official launch.

At Jugnoo, the teams continuously strive for innovation and execution. The idea that keeps the workforce motivated is “Making mistakes and learning quickly is better than not trying at all".

Hence, the company has a diverse portfolio of offerings - the mantra is to keep experimenting, and there have been some major breakthroughs for us with this approach. We'd continue to keep solving problems using technology as we realise, there's still a lot we can contribute in.



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