24 April 2018

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MORALFIBRE : Lively, Sustainable and Organic Clothing Brand

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In the country of Mahatma Gandhi, who encouraged weaving and wearing Khadi, MORALFIBRE is a name synonymous with Indian culture and dedicated to reinventing and reviving Khadi. It is in fact, a unique handcrafted fabric that is made by the artisans based in remote villages of Gujarat, India.

Specialties of MORALFIBRE

It is an initiative that is dedicated to producing hand spun and hand woven fabrics, furnishings and comfortable fashion clothing that is 100% cotton, wool, silk, and blends. Due to its inherent quality, the fabric allows right air circulation absorbing the body’s moisture, keeping it cool and comfortable against the body in summer and through layers it traps the body warmth within its threads in winter.

Startling Facts about the Fabric

This fabric is allergy free and is packed with healing qualities that improve the feel and wearability with every wash. Made from biodegradable materials and without using any finite energy, pesticides, and resources, this fabric is altogether eco-friendly.

This handcrafted fabric is made by hand spinning and hand weaving using ‘people energy’ thus offering economic and social benefits to the artisans, living in remote villages of Gujarat.

MORALFIBRE is a registered member of Fair Trade Forum India, a part of WFTO –Asia. Through this initiative, nearly 2500 artisans, mostly women working in remote villages have been benefited.

MORALFIBRE is a great way of fabric handcrafting when Global Warming and Climate Change is becoming a major concern. MORALFIBRE is new modern ethical Khadi. It can be considered as the clothing with a conscience as they are not only organic clothes but they are alive too.

This line of fabric is much better than different other Khadi cloth available on the market. The major difference is the dedication of following stringent quality control measure and constant research and development practice that has been an inseparable part of this fabric.

A Word on the Founder and CEO - Ms. Shalini Sheth Amin

Being a Community Project Initiator, Architect and Financial Consultant, Ms. Shalini Sheth Amin has acted as a catalyst in initiating the sustainable projects and practices for energy efficiency, conservation projects and heritage support to people, places, and eco-friendly concepts. Having worked in the UK and other countries, she has also earned many work related laurels to her credit.  MORALFIBRE has been her brainchild and the next generation Khadi free from allergy and completely carbon neutral.

Product Line

When it comes to the product line of MORALFIBRE, it includes bed linens, pillow covers, and stunning bedspreads in a whole lot of design like the abstract pattern, floral or even modern. It also includes the Feel-Well Fashion Clothing range including Yoga wear, sleep wear, Spa and wide collection of classic designs for both the genders and also for kids.

As per Shalini, “MORALFIBRE is based on an inherent value in creating with our hands and hearts, in honoring the skills involved in weaving cloth. It's not something we take lightly. It's the soul and foundation of our work. The art of spinning and weaving was seen as magical in times gone by.

Then the industrial age of machines came in and, yes, made it faster and cheaper. But the cloth lost its voice, its heart. We have an opportunity now to put the heart back into the cloth. So every time a person wears it uses it or sells it, they are energized as well. It's like a chain reaction. A big part of this energy stems from the fact that this hand spun hand woven cloth not only frees the environment from pollution but helps move thousands of workers, mainly women, out of poverty by giving them a skill in a region where there are few jobs to be had. It's a win-win-win situation.”


Buyers of MICROFIBRE includes the individual designers who want to launch or are running their own lines, both for home furnishings and garments and, wholesalers of fabric, econ-conscious buyers, retailers, including people from different walks of lives matching MORALFIBER clothing range, yoga, spas, sleepwear and children's clothes. It is also purchased by the environmental groups and various NGOs working for eco-friendly and sustainable practices and issues. Anyone can visit the website at www.moralfibre-fabrics.com to view the clothing ranges and request for samples.

Future of MORALFIBRE and Road Ahead

Ms. Shalini has plans to promote and market MORALFIBRE at the global level. She believes many more varieties of organic cotton can be grown. Superior quality yarns can be spun, and different skilled artisans can be involved, revived and reintroduced in this effort. It will surely provide employment to millions of artisans and spinners, most of whom could ideally be women trying to support their families. MORALFIBRE has become environmentally sustainable and is acting as a platform for self-sufficiency and new personal dignity. It not only promotes human effort and skills but it also sends a message of socio-economic., non-violence, and environmental sustainability.


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