23 June 2018

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Small Enterprise Magazine - Awards Special Issue - March'17

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our attendees, finalists, judges and contestants for making “Small Enterprise Business Awards 2016” a grand success! Congrats to all the winners and wish them good luck for their success!

The inaugural Small Enterprise Business Awards 2016 was successfully conducted. Graced by Karnataka Government representatives and industry experts, the event had over 300 attendees from all industry sectors – SMEs and StartUps. We thanks all Sponsors and Partners in making the first SEBA 2016 a true celebration of Entrepreneurial Excellence!

The March 2017 issue cover story is about the changing concept of “Future Work Places” that is gaining a lot of traction these days, especially among millennial employees and employers.

In this month’s cover story, you would get to read how workplaces are changing like everything around us keep changing. From green offices to fun offices, budget offices, flexible offices and shared offices spaces, revolutions is happening in workplaces also. With the advancement of technology, even the concept of workplaces has changed a lot. Businesses are exploring a lot of options not only to stay abreast but also to make it more cost effective.

With all of the technological advancement and evolving styles of communication and management, the modern Indian workplace is drastically different from what it was just a decade ago. The business world is still changing, perhaps even more quickly now than ever before.

In addition, you will also have a healthy fusion of women entrepreneur success stories and all other regular technology and latest updates on diverse genres.

Today, employees work 24/7 for the organisations. Therefore, considering work places as second homes to some of employees will not be wrong. Moreover, as the businesses are focusing on global markets, the trends of being creative and innovative are factors to sustainability. All this leads to transformation in the existing work environment, culture and office space designs. As they are if in sync with the changing working requirements it plays an important role in the overall performance of the employee.

Due to all the mentioned reasons, organisations are opting for renovations and modifications in the office spaces to be at pace with the new working styles.

As per modern working trends and working styles organisations are adapting to new work place designs to enhance the overall productivity and progress and to develop a positive work environment for their employees.



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