25 May 2018

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Home Business – Challenges of a Woman

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There are various reasons why a woman leaves the corporate world and stays at home. At some point, though, she needs to get back to work. Trying to find a balance between working professionally and taking care of the home and/or children, many women choose to start a small business from their homes.

We take a look inside the lives of two women, who took a step to follow their passion along with running the home, to understand the challenges they face in running a business from home.

The Ganache Queen

Rituja left work after marriage to tend to her family. The family roller coaster just did not provide an opportunity for her to get back to the corporate sector. A few years later, once her son was settled in school, she was craving a professional satisfaction and started a home baking business.

With many from home bakers in the city, she picked ganache cakes as her expertise. The biggest challenge has been to balance work time and home time. Being at home for work, it is difficult to separate the household chore and the business tasks.

The time at her disposal is only when her little boy is at school or asleep. Her family prefers meal cooked by the lady of the house and she has only a maid to help around the house. She says it is difficult to do the research required for a business in the limited time as she has to deliver quality orders as well. She had to struggle with time to find the right equipment and quality ingredients for the right price.

She spends her days running the home and baking. The nights are devoted to the creative ideas for the decorations for the many orders she receives. Between the steadily growing business and the house, she hardly gets time for herself. Her leisure activities are limited and subject to the demands of both her forts.

The Fashion Trender

Another women entrepreneur, Rohini, shares her struggles with getting the home business-home balance right. When her daughter was born, she wanted to spend all her time taking care of the little one, but that itch for professional satisfaction drove her to start Nirmiti. It is a home furnishing, at home start-up, now expanded into women’s clothing and jewellery line, in Hyderabad. Are there challenged, being the lady of the house? You bet.

For her too the biggest challenge of starting a business from home is to find a balance between the home and the business. Being a stickler for time, she cannot rely on household help much and needs to finish the chores herself, almost every day. Taking care of her daughter comes as a priority, but equally important is to run the business so it is self-sufficient.

A major part of her business is to get the material, which is purchased from Kolkata. Being a one-person start-up, Rohini needs to make the trips to Kolkata herself. This means she needs leave her daughter in someone’s care. Her family helps with her daughter’s care for her quarterly trips to interact with her vendors in Kolkata.

She misses out on weekend and holiday fun with her child as her business demands exhibitions that are more often than not held during the holidays. Her business also requires her to meet up with clients to understand their requirements. Due to the time crunch, she does have to, at times, say no to some business.

These stories reveal clearly that time is a factor that plays a delimiting role in lives of at-home business women. Both the ladies hope to expand their respective businesses as their children grow, giving them more time, but until then they work hard each day to keep the business and household running smoothly.


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