18 January 2019

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Ways to Prevent Failure in Business

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Being in a business, it is necessary to face the financial ups and downs and survive through them boldly. But it is equally important to invest carefully after a business to prevent failure. So whatever business you start, whether be it small or big, you’ll need to invest an amount after it in order to expand your industry.

According to a report published by the Small Business Administration, states that seven out of ten new startups survive for minimum 2 years and 51% survive up to 5 years. There are multiple reasons why a business fails to exist and a few preventive measures to keep it alive.

Why businesses turn out to be a failure?

The ‘wrong’ motive

It’s great that you started a new venture, but make sure you got the right reason behind it. Just because you want to make a lot of money doesn’t mean you should invest in the wrong way. Or maybe you find it ‘too cool’ to have your own business rather working on a nine to five employment schedule. No, these shouldn’t be the purpose behind starting your business, rather focus on something practical.

Lack of management skills

Especially those are new into a business lack this quality since they are not experienced. You often have missed out the management qualities in areas like marketing, finance, buying and selling goods and managing your employees. Or sometimes neglecting the minor things in business operations can lead to a bigger trouble. Lacking a good leadership quality may lose your future opportunities and turn your business into a loss. So practicing the quality over and over again will probably bring a perfection in you.

Inadequate funds

One of the biggest mistakes that people generally commit is leaping into a business without having insufficient funds in their account. Therefore, they’re not able to invest anymore when needed and turn back to lose. They are bound to shut down their business due to this disability and hence become a failure.

No business strategy

Lack of teamwork and proper planning will lead your business to a downfall. It happens because your business has no proper plans scheduled and you’re not in the competition. Ignoring advertising and marketing strategies or not maintaining balance sheets, statements, and cash flow analysis is a sign of complete failure.

Tips to prevent the failure in business

The Passion to Succeed

Your passion and strong determination will give you a stand in the marketplace. A successful business grows from the root of a positive attitude and that really matters. Prepare yourself to deal with all kinds of problems and people.

Plan accordingly

Focus on your business plans and build strategies over frequent meetings. Set your visions and goals and work on your customers’ problems. Create financial statements, including cash flow analysis, income statement, equipment and supply list, balance sheets, etc. Attempt to work on promotional activities like marketing and advertising.

Start a business website

Many businesses fail due to the unavailability of a company website. A website benefits with all the proper information that is to be found at one place. Potentials use your services after judging your business from its website. Make sure you have your company website with all the products and services listed down in details.

Stop over expanding

You don’t need to expand your business unless you are required to. Is your business making a good profit? Is this expansion worth the investment? There are certain factors that indicate that over expanding a business might not benefit you much. At times business owners get confused with their success and focus on expanding their business at a fast pace.


For stepping into a business, you need a strong determination to succeed. Some businessmen erase out the ‘failure’ option because they carry that positive attitude. Remember experience and the enthusiasm to learn will take you to a further step.


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