15 November 2019

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EnTRIPreneur: A Unique Networking Tool for All Entrepreneurs

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In their quest to allow entrepreneurs to meet, interact and learn from other like-minded and proactive people marks the birth of EnTRIPreneur, a first of its kind travel and networking venture for entrepreneurs.

The brainchild of four friends two with own companies Anuj and Rachna and two fresher’s Swapnil and Jahnvi, EnTRIPreneur is first of its kind travel and networking venture for entrepreneurs breaking the monotony by taking entrepreneurs on a trip.

The journey of EnTRIPreneur: The journey of Entripreneur began when the monotony of business meets and conferences started to get on to the nerves of Anuj and Rachna and this is what motivated them to think of other ways to get entrepreneurs together.

In the words of co-founders Anuj and Rachna, "Together with Swapnil and Jahnvi, we thought of the idea of creating a small trip for these entrepreneurs and taking them out for a span of 4 days where these entrepreneurs will not only get to connect with each other but be able to share experiences and opinions and help each other and their businesses grow".

Business overview of EnTRIPreneur: Entripreneur is an unconventional travel and networking initiative which aims at changing the way entrepreneurs connect with each other and makes it possible for them to be able to carry these connections for a lifetime says Anuj and Rachan.

"This entire idea is carried forward with the means of trips, specially crafted for entrepreneurs, who tend to provide an experience that will not only give them a time out of their busy schedules but also help them garner different opinions & perspectives about their ideas and businesses. The products as of now are small trips created for entrepreneurs in a manner that they not only benefit from this but are able to contribute as much as they can to help the others" reveal the founding duo.

Story behind the start: Tracing the journey behind the start the founding tam reveals how the journey of Entripreneur began when the monotony of business meets and conferences started to get on to the nerves of Anuj and Rachna and this is what motivated them to think of other ways to get entrepreneurs together.

USP of EnTRIPreneur: The biggest USP for EnTRIPreneur is the fact that it is India’s first and the only travel and networking venture creating trips exclusively for entrepreneurs beam the founding members.

Marketing plans and activities: Currently, our entire marketing campaign is based around digital media, with a greater focus on emails and social media reveal the founding team on their marketing plans. "Strategically profiling and targeting our consumer base so as to reach out to them via social media advertisements and using visual content to our benefit has been our top priority. Not only this, to reach out to our main target group, we had even partnered with many channels such as YourStory, Sheroes, the Rodinhoods, the insights out, Entrepreneur Café, Costartup".

Along with marketing, a good PR strategy has also played a good role in getting us the desired visibility adds the dynamic founders of EnTRIPreneur.

Challenges Faced: Looking back on the tough times the founding team shares how the challenges that they faced initially were simply to reach out to our TG but soon into the business we deployed the right tricks and tactics on digital media and thanks to our digital background, it was easy thereafter.

Funding and Finances: For our first trip, along with the charges that the entrepreneurs were paying us, we had a sponsor, JECRC University, who supported us in all the means possible reveals Anuj and his cofounding trio on funding and finances for their business management.

EnTRIPreneur Milestones: Being a nascent company for our first trip we got applications from 4 countries other than India which in itself is an achievement says Anuj with a proud smile.

Current market scenario and the road ahead: "As of now we have had the first mover’s advantage but we are sure to expect some competition from upcoming businesses or even from some seasoned brands of the travel industry" says Anuj.

On expansion plans he adds "We have just completed our first trip successfully and from now onwards we plan to have 4-5 trips every year, continuing on the same format. In the coming 2-3 years, we plan to take it international, both in terms of our consumer base as well as our trip destinations".

"The next three years, we would have mapped plenty of secluded and exotic places of our country with our exclusive trips for entrepreneurs and will also see many ideas taking shape and seeing the light of the day, especially due to the unions that’ll be formed at our trips” says the founding team as a roadmap to their future for the next three to four years.

Role of an entrepreneur and advice to budding entrepreneurs: For the four of us, giving shape to an idea and seeing it being appreciated and liked by all has been an exhilarating experience till now say the young cofounders. "It is like nurturing a baby however cumbersome the whole process is, it is simply satisfying to see your baby grow and Entripreneur is our brainchild".

Sharing some advice for budding entrepreneurs the founding members add “Execute the plan without fearing the challenges that lie in your way. You will learn all along the way. Success stands ahead of failures.“Be ready to learn from every situation and person and be honest in your approach.”


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