25 January 2020

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CraftMyGift.com: Where Gifts are Crafted Emotionally

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It is well understood that personal and emotional matters cannot be mixed up with professional matters. But what if you can bring any personal or emotional touch to the very job you are professed in? That is the USP of CraftMyGift.com founded by Jyoti Ramnath.

CraftMyGift.com specialises in adding emotional factor to gifts by personalising them in such a way that it suits to the occasion and the relationship a person shares with the gift recipient. The company’s uniqueness lies in their consultative way of working where they personally interact with each customer to understand their requirements and work with company’s backend creative team to provide custom made solutions. The unique approach to work has got a lot of appreciation from the customers. Each of the company’s gift ideas stand out quite distinctive and each product is personalised in a detailed fashion so that all inputs from customers are taken care of.

Jyoti Ramnath, the founder, comes from an engineering and management background. The idea of starting CraftMyGift came up with a passion towards creating gifts which are rich with emotional content. She also felt a need in the market where people can buy things exactly the way they like it to be.  That is how CraftMyGift was born.

Jyoti did BE in Computer Science, done her MBA in International Business from ICFAI University and also completed a course in entrepreneurship called MPWE from IIM-B. She worked with HP for 6 years as a UI designer.

Jyoti talks about the multiple challenges she faced at the start of CraftMyGift.  She believes that more of such difficulties are yet to be overcome. Since she is a first generation entrepreneur, she learnt a lot of things in the hard way.

Being a creative company, she brought in numerous creative people to work with CraftMyGift but could not get what she wanted. She is lucky now to have talented people onboard.

She says advertising was really a challange as they wanted to spend less on advertising. The company hasn’t completely overcome this challenge but is working better at it. Jyoti made it a point to represent CraftMyGift in different exhibitions, contests and forums. The company managed to spread the word this way and it saw a good surge of traffic and customers towards CraftMyGift. Satisfied customers do spread the word further and have been bringing in more customers.

Marketing Strategies adopted by the company

Word of mouth marketing: Since the company has been able to bring a smile on the face of every customer it has served, they have been spreading the word about it.

Direct Email Marketing: Company regularly sends mailers to its customers and people who have signed up for its newsletters.  These mails are sent to announce any discounts or any special products that the company has come out with for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day etc.
Events: Jyoti made the company took part in events like Startup City, Tata NEN Hottest Startup which brought in a huge number of customers to it.

Meeting the financial requirements

Jyoti has been using her personal savings to run CraftMyGift. She has also started seeing some good revenue coming from CraftMyGift in the past few months which meets some part of the monthly financial requirements.

CraftMyGift Team

Rakhi joined the team of CraftMyGift as Operations Manager. Her energetic attitude and enthusiastic nature keeps the day to day work going at CraftMyGift. In her own words, "it is a lot of fun and learning to be surrounded by creative and talented people at CraftMyGift. It is very rewarding to be acknowledged by customers for creating personal gifts for their near and dear ones."

Chitti - A talented graphic designer, Chitti handles all the design work for CraftMyGift products.

Palani has been working in the field of e-Commerce and Online Marketing Since 1999.He has worked with various small, medium and large online properties. He has helped in charting out the online marketing strategies for these properties. He has helped these properties to generate leads & revenue through SEM & Web Analytics. He loves helping Start-ups in charting their Online marketing Path and Metrics. Palani is helping CraftMyGift as an online marketing advisor.

CraftMyGift inventory

  • Made to order artistic portraits
  • Customised calendar
  • Personalised cards for all occasions
  • A customised magazine for the concerned person
  • Made to order invitation cards
  • A fun short story about the person concerned along with personal message




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