18 January 2020

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WatConsult: A to Z Solutions for the Social Media Biz

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From the Editor's Desk

Suppose you want to know the whereabouts of a friend whom you lost contact over years, where and how you will find him/her? Facebook…Twitter…Orkut…Linked in… the answer flashes in every one’s mind in the blink of a second! Now, from being a platform to connect with friends and the loved ones, the role  of the social media sites have been transformed to be that of a repository of tons of professional information about companies and their services as well. Most of the companies today have their social media account created in multiple social media platforms.
The unique panache of the title WatConsult , the brain child of Rajiv Dingra, becomes vivid in the Indian Social Media Scenario. In an exclusive interview with Krishnakumar C  K, Editor, Small Enterprise India.com, Mr. Rajiv Dingra, Founder and CEO of WatConsult, shares the vision and mission WatConsult upholds.

WATConsult came into existence four years ago when the business of social media was not much heard about in India.  “WATConsult was started four years ago when the business of social media was in its infancy. The inspiration was to be one of the most creative agencies in the social media space”. Adds Rajiv.
When asked about how did the idea struck in his mind, he says that the idea started from helping companies in figuring out how to blog and manage their corporate blog, and from there it grew to a fully fledged agency.

Rajiv elaborates on the core concept of WatConsult- “WATConsult provides end to end social media services i.e. monitoring, management, marketing, creative strategy, online reputation management and application development. It’s unique as very few agencies provide the entire gamut of social media services. Besides our clients get to directly engage with consumers and also get consumer feedback”.

Rajiv adds that the role of social media in the business scenario is vital in today’s scenario as consumers are online and have a voice unlike before.

When asked what growth potential, and scope the social media communication forsee with the introduction of 3G services in India Raijv says “social media is set to see tremendous growth in the days to come as technology improves and people get more open with their communication habits”.

“The overall digital media scenario is at its inflection point with social media bring consumers online and also making them access information via mobile. In my view in next 3-5 years this media will be hard to ignore for anyone”, opines Rajiv.

According to Rajiv, the communication through social media is unique. “One voice on social media has a multiplier effect via features like share, re-tweet, like etc; and it leads to a multiplier effect, making this mode of communication unique from traditional way of communication”.

“From a client's perspective social media can reach his target audience contextually as well as in a non contextual manner based on his/her preference. It provides clients a platform to showcase their brand identity and engage continuously with the target consumer”, adds Rajiv.

WatConsult conducts a social media course also which aims at providing expertise to media professionals in the field of social media. “The social media course launched by WATConsult is a 4 day course that is certified by IAMAI - Internet and Mobile Association of India. It aims at bringing professional expertise to existing media professionals in the field of social media” says Rajiv.

For Rajiv also, the journey towards success had not been a cake walk. He was mired with lack of funds as well as inability to build a team initially. But that was history, and now WatConsult has in its fold, people who have a decade and more cumulative experience in digital media right from online pr to product development.

Rajiv has a message for budding entrepreneurs:

“Be honest, be fearless and be a student who is eager to learn at all times”…!

Rajiv emphasises on the core values of WatConsult such as Caring, Learning, Achieving, Sharing and Scaling. “We call this Class “.

No wonder that WatConsult is a Class(ic) example of embodiment of success through ‘Caring, Learning, Achieving, Sharing and Scaling’…


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