20 January 2020

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Raxit Sheth: The Mobile Maverick!

Raxit Sheth, a sportive youngster from Mumbai as he says is “just enjoying bootstrapping time”. He loves a lot of things- Hacking, Helping, Tweaking, Tweeting and moreover being a Mumbaikar, he loves Mumbai!After graduation, he has been toying with several ideas including UGC driven poetry site and even, won the Y! hack day competition. He could not simply justify the thought that  India is providing IT/Software products and services to the whole world, but is lacking products which could make Indians’ life ‘easier’.

WatConsult: A to Z Solutions for the Social Media Biz

From the Editor's Desk

Suppose you want to know the whereabouts of a friend whom you lost contact over years, where and how you will find him/her? Facebook…Twitter…Orkut…Linked in… the answer flashes in every one’s mind in the blink of a second! Now, from being a platform to connect with friends and the loved ones, the role  of the social media sites have been transformed to be that of a repository of tons of professional information about companies and their services as well. Most of the companies today have their social media account created in multiple social media platforms.
The unique panache of the title WatConsult , the brain child of Rajiv Dingra, becomes vivid in the Indian Social Media Scenario. In an exclusive interview with Krishnakumar C  K, Editor, Small Enterprise India.com, Mr. Rajiv Dingra, Founder and CEO of WatConsult, shares the vision and mission WatConsult upholds.

CoCubes: Connecting Colleges and Companies!

Job hunting is not often an easy task. Sometimes offers are many and sometimes not. Today job hunting starts the moment you steps out of the campus or even being in the campus. Also it is a fact that many efficient students from Tier 2 and 3 cities are not getting good opportunities like students from Tier 1 cities, as campus recruitments happen less there. Companies on the other hand admit that its time and money consuming to visit campuses for recruitments.

Two Young geniuses from Gurgaon envisioned their entry in this very dilemma. Harpreet Singh Grover and Vibhore Goyal is here talking to Small Enterprise India about their venture, CoCubes.com, established in 2007, to ease the troubles of job seekers and companies across India.

Jade Magnet: The Creative Crowdsourcing Platform

From the Editor's Desk

Jade Magnet is a creative crowdsourcing platform to provide marketing and advertising solutions like graphic designs, web design, SEO, SMO, Flash, 3D Walk through, collaterals, brochures etc to the clients. Currently with over 3000 providers across the globe, Jade Magnet has served more than 150 clients for around 475projects since their launch in Jan 2010.

In an exclusive interview with Krishnakumar C K, Editor, Small Enterprise India.com, Mr. Manik Kinra, Co founder & CMO of Jade Magnet, shares the vision, and the success story of Jade Magnet.

Ashish Sinha: The Brain Behind Pluggd.in

If you are a tech start up looking for a platform to showcase your products, or if  you wish to get a candid feedback of your product, here is an entrepreneur from Bangalore who would love to help you. An alumnus of IIT Roorkee & IIM Bangalore, Ashish Sinha started his career in the enterprise industry in 1999 and provided services to the tech giants like Aztec software, Ketara, IBM and Yahoo for about 7 years.

ClickIndia.com: A Click Away Solution for Your Biz

ClickIndia.com is synonymous with online classified sites in India. Started in 2007, this simple, easy to use Indian classifieds portal, offering free ad-posting services has widely gained popularity in a very short span. An online platform where buyers and sellers meet, ClickIndia helps small and medium enterprises a great extend as they could reach the huge internet-savvy market without spending anything on advertising.

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