23 January 2020

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Motivation Tips for Entrepreneurs: Start Networking

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Motivation has a direct impact on productivity. Although most entrepreneurs are passionate about what they are doing, but it is important to explore the business scenario by one on one networking.

There are a lot of reasons why entrepreneurs should network among each other to help in self motivation. The following are reasons why networking will help to motivate entrepreneurs.


Why an entrepreneur need networking for his overall growth?

  • Unbiased Comparison

Although too much of comparison could harm self motivation, but one has to take a right approach towards this aspect. The right mix of comparison can lead to really positive results and encouragement to the entrepreneur. Interaction with peers through networking is really good in this bid.

  • Involve People

The last motivating words that an entrepreneur would want to hear are those that come from people without the entrepreneurial mindset. Doing something alone is boring. Without the right support, you tend to give up easily. Thus, if you want to get to your entrepreneurship goals, start networking today with same mindset people.

  • Sharing Resources

Sometimes, I have found entrepreneurs tend to stay in their own world. They prefer not to share their plans, strategies and experiences with others. This perhaps makes their life quite tough as they don’t get probable answers in their crisis situations. I recommend that such mindset have to be changed.

How to Network with Other Entrepreneurs?

With the reasons above, the next thing that should come into your mind is how are you going to connect with people who share the same entrepreneurial thoughts as you.

In this context, there are several opportunities that you may come across which are in the form of local business related events, seminars and exhibitions that happens regularly.

But with the advent of new online media tools like Facebook and Linkedin the opportunity becomes far more lucrative and appealing.

Social networking sites like Facebook. LinkedIn and Twitter connect people all around the world together. Apart from using these platforms to find new people to connect with, keeping the relationship going can also be done easily with the incorporated functionalities.

According to me, any small business must have presence in these mediums.


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