08 December 2019

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Business Mantra: Innovate Your Marketing Ideas!

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From the Editor's Desk

'Marketing strategy' is one of the mostly used terms in the business vocabulary trans globe. The success of any business, be it small or large, depends heavily on how good and effectively, the services or products companies have to offer, are being marketed. Hiring marketing professionals alone cannot make any wonders unless some innovative marketing strategies are applied which will have a direct effect on the psyches of the consumers/customers.

 Now here comes the billion dollar question: What is the 'Value Add' the customers get by availing your company's services or by buying the products? Management institutions surely have thousands of papers presented on this aspect, and management/marketing experts have spoken volumes about knitting the 'threads' of Innovative ideas in the larger fabric of marketing strategies. But it is a hard fact that no one can do away with these repeatedly spoken aspects of marketing strategies.   

With the advent of internet technologies which have been witnessing technological explosions literally in every passing day, the marketing scenario becomes more aggressive and strategy specific by means of online marketing. 

Online marketing is not a child's play and requires multi pronged approach in identifying the target audience, their online media behaviour, buying potential etc. This calls for a thorough research on the overall online behavioural pattern of the masses in terms of age group, geographical locations, professional status etc.

Before employing the online marketing techniques such as newsletters about your product or services, group mailing, online advertisements etc, it is always better to think from the buyer's prospective as to why or how these products or services benefit you? More precisely saying, the value addition a buyer gets!

It is obvious that people will not click blindly on the links in a newsletter, or online advertisements. To make them do so, first of all there should be proof of authenticity of your services/products. A neatly designed web site with relevant content that speaks about the uniqueness of your product or services is 'must to have’ in online marketing. People will not take things for granted, and they will be doing a thorough online research about your services/company/products before they make any move towards online purchasing.   

Towards building trust or acceptance from the target audience, you need to create a good impression about your products or services among the psyches of the audience. They should not feel that you are spamming their mail box with false promises.

You need to be successful in conveying the followings messages to the customers that:

  • You are not spamming
  • You are offering a product/service that is specifically designed for them
  • You are helping them to achieve their personal or professional goals

Other than these aspects you can also bank on the concept of 'Give first, before you get something in return'.  

  • Give them helpful free content
  • Give them answers to their queries
  • Give them a freebie
  • Give them tips they can use in their lives/business
  • Give them opportunities for online interaction
  • Give them promises you can keep

These simple but effective customer oriented gestures will surely make a positive impact about your services/products. We cannot expect miracles out of this. However the prime goal is to build trust and acceptance for your products/services among the customers. A careful and result oriented marketing approach will definitely catch the eye balls of your customers.

After all seeing is believing!

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