12 December 2019

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Get Socialised, Get More Business!

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Communicating corporate messages in a controlled manner is the dream of any marketer. That’s the primary reason for the existence of business blogging and using social networking for business. Building and using business blogs have become a standard practice for many marketers in order to avail the optimum use of Internet. However with the growth in popularity of online social sites many have begun using these communities as their primary marketing platforms.

In particular, Twitter is being considered as a site that can be used as a channel of corporate commutation delivery. On the other hand, LinkedIn supplies all the business needs concerning marketing, prospective hiring etc and traffic generation. Facebook has its own fan following.

But, does this mean that purely blogging sites are now endangered in terms of their 'leading' role in web 2.0 online marketing? However, there are several points that can authenticate that there has been a big shift happening in the business blogging and using social media for business.

While Blogging, social networking holds utmost importance for any individual or business. The credibility of user generated content which could be in the form of interactive content exchange, has to be very carefully looked upon. Comments that common users can share at a social site could get displayed directly and they could be available for the world to read and get influenced.
However, sometimes, the blogger or the organisation which is behind the entire communication flow may not be aware from the comment upload. This could perhaps tamper the image of the medium and the party which gets discussed.
However the comments are not visible for longer period  so that they will have not have long lasting affect,  but they do have an impact on the audience.

The more content posted the more authority the blog will gain. This is a great foundation for building credibility and a business.

One has to be careful and sensitive enough to deal with situations of miscommunication while having a presence in the social networking scenario. So, with such point of view on the top of the head, some entrepreneurs believe that it is better to stay off the social media. But this could negatively affect their business as their competitiors and their prospective customers will not thinking in those lines.

To stay in the business of today’s stature, terms like social media, new media and digital media cannot be ignored.

BLOG: Symbol of being interactive

Moreover, in today’s scenario, businesses have chosen to stay closer to their customers. Be it FMCG or services company, the mantra of being in the business leadership is to stay, as closer as possible, to the customer. Customer interactions and getting customers to interact is the success criteria of today. So in that sense, a blog is considered to be a symbol of commitment since it takes effort to maintain the site. Commitment is exactly what people look for in businesses since it is a sign of reliability. This leads to an increase in trust which is a vital asset to have when marketing on the internet. Online social sites require only that you 'show up' and chat a little thereby demonstrating very little effort or commitment.

However, most blogs are self hosted. This means that the company or the publisher of the blog owns the site and the content and are therefore in total control. Online social sites have rules and regulations set forth by the site administrator governing behavior. Setting up the blog account or social networking account is a critical process as the policies while signing up must be carefully examined before clicking the ‘Ok’ button.

Analysing the efforts

While putting efforts towards such communications practice, the final stage of such project is to analyse the outcome. Blogging sites have analytic capabilities allowing them to function more fully as a business platforms. This helps the communications manager or the marketing manager, who is handling that project, to categorically examine the outcomes of blogs or social networking presence. These capabilities allow the site to improve and grow and are a necessary tool for anyone serious about building a lasting business.

Business blogs have become the adopted standard for online marketers due to their flexibility , ease of use and ability to interact with customers. However, the capability of social networking sites to help entrepreneurs establish their business when marketing on the internet could be questioned. But the fact remains that these online social networks have became a preferred medium for the masses, customers and business stakeholders.

The reasons or points which are mentioned above in this article can explain the situation and made it clear that business blogging sites are not likely to fall from favour as online marketing platforms merely fortifies their dominance. While many social network platforms such as Twitter are great traffic sources they do not offer a solid platform upon which to build a long lasting business.

So the co-existence of these two platforms will continue to remain as it is. Because of the basic fact that socialisation normally link to business opportunities and blogs, social networking etc are new faces of becoming socialised.


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