08 December 2019

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Mantra for Customer Loyalty

Smaller businesses always wanted to grow, so in other terms they are often termed as growing businesses. However, for such businesses, one of keys aspects to register the sustainable growth is through customer loyalty. The secret is not just making clients and customers happy, but keeping them coming back for more. Some small business owners even operate by the 80/20 rule, which says that successful companies get 80 percent of their business from 20 percent of their customers. Those small business owners know that loyal customers will not only buy more from them overall, they will also choose them over competitors every time.

Lack of Global Vision Leads to Failure in Business

By G K Pramod

Small And Medium Enterprises in India, face many issues pertaining to business growth, and often these problems make their business run in loss. To create an ecosystem where MSMEs can make use of their fullest potentials, there should be proper planning and understanding of the real problems that MSMEs  face today, and a fool proof solution to address these concerns. Mr. G K Pramod, author and MSME oriented pilot programme expert, shares his views on the basic problems the SMEs in general face, and solutions to overcome the obstacles.

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